St. Peter's Anglican Church

592 Outram Street, Lucknow, Ontario

(Corner of Outram and Hamilton Streets)

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 297, Wingham, Ontario, N0G 2W0

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Gathering of the Faith Community

Sunday Morning at 9:15 a.m.


St. Peter's Anglican Church History, Lucknow, 1874-2000

(Taken from a history of the church: St. Peter's Anglican Church, Lucknow, 1874-1974, compiled by Rev. H.L. Jennings and the Anniversary Committee)

In 1874, the Anglican people of the village of Lucknow, which had been incorporated in 1873, began attending bi-monthly worship services over Button's Butcher Shop in the village. Thirty eight people attended the first service. Shortly after, planning was begun for a church building to be built, and land was donated by Mrs. West on which to erect the church building.

On December 8, 1878, St. Peter's Church was opened. Three services were held, and at the morning and afternoon service, more than one hundred people could not be seated because of the crowds. A rectory was purchased in 1891, which was enlarged and repaired in 1893.

In 1893, a Church Worker's Society was formed among the women of the congregation, which was known as the Ladies Guild for many years, and which worked solely for the parish. In 1968, the Guild became the Anglican Church Women, which is still active and productive today.

In 1910, a bell was placed in the tower and a baptismal font was placed in the church. 

For many years, church affairs were managed by the Select Vestry. In the late 1930s, the Select Vestry was renamed the Board of Management.

In 1961, the sod was turned for the parish hall, which was built with the voluntary assistance of many parishioners. In 1963, St. Peter's was a self supporting parish with 198 pastoral calls in one year. In 1965, the size of the congregation was 250.

In 1971, St. Peter's was decorated, renovated and re-dedicated. On this occasion, a new Hallman organ was donated by an anonymous donor.

The Sunday School has sometimes been small; other times it has been larger, with dedicated men and women offering their services to the development of our children.

Rector: Rev. Len Myers, B.A., M.Div.

Wardens: Sylvia Pewtress; Dale Laugheed

Board of Management: Rev. Len Myers; Donna Evans; Bruce Pewtress; Garry Caesar; Jill Soffe; Tom Phillips; Alene Clark; Edith Cooper; Karen Gaunt.

Altar Guild: Jill Soffe (Chair); Membership

Anglican Church Women:  President - Edith Cooper ; Membership

Growth Committee: Maggie Myers (Chair); Membership

Bible Study Group, Lunch'n'Learn: Max Anders Series, Thursdays at 11:00 am

Choir: JoAnn Todd (Director); Members

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Welcome to all who are weary and need rest, and to all who are lonely and need a friend

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