Custom work of the highest order

Recent work - cherry interior of 47 foot steel cutter
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The purpose of our web site is to apprise a wider audience of sailors
to what a very small but select group has already found out:
that creating a custom yacht can be relatively free of lifes little hiccups.
We have been in the business of crafting fine metal cruising yachts for a short time,
but have earned much praise from all who have seen our work.

We can handle all aspects of yacht fabrication.


 Details of maple sole

Recent work aboard 47 foot cutter
(click on highlighted thumbnails for large version)

We are located in a rural setting many miles from the nearest civilization.
Holstein Ontario Canada is home to silence,sanity and superb craftsmen.

Why come to us for the implementation of your dream?
Because what we do is done by people who don't sign off on anything
'til the plump lady sings.
Our boats are not appliances.Our boats are pieces of art.
Our boats are pieces of art you can leave out in the rain.
Our boats are pieces of art you can take 'round the Horn.
Our boats are pieces of art.

Our email address is
Our phone # is 519 323 1380
Our fax # is 519 323 3623
Our address is RR#1 Holstein Ontario Canada N0G 2A0

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We also build Daguerreotype equipment for the 19th Century photographic process

Century Darkroom Daguerreotype Equipment