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3. Only request one name at a time.
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Algoma Vicki - michippewa2@aol.com Transcriptions Only
Blind River
- Angel Hill Cemetery
Algoma Ellen - scar.king@shaw.ca Transcriptions Only
Bay - Goulais River Cemetery (Pine Shores Road)
Ste. Marie - Old Greenwood Cemetery and New Greenwood Cemetery
Algoma Marilyn Irish - irishs@cogeco.ca
Norma Hughson - nlhughson@manitoulin.net
Digital photos - Please put cemetery photo request in subject line of email. Sends photos as attachments via email. Cannot send  photos of entire cemeteries
Shores - Sunset Cemetery
- Forest Lawn Cemetery, Little Rapids Cemetery and Pine Grove Cemetery
- Port Findlay Cemetery and Walford Cemetery
Algoma Randy McClelland - randymcc@rogers.com Transcription Lookups
Twp. - Desbarats, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Gordon Lake

Visit Website

Mapleridge Cemetery and Walford Cemetery


Dale - the-barrs-r_us@sympatico.ca

Digital photos only, May -Oct. - Please put cemetery photo request in subject line of email. Sends photos as attachments via email. Cannot send  photos of entire cemeteries
Aberdeen Twp
– Aberdeen Cemetery (Phillips)
MacDonald Twp –
Leaf Cemetery and Sylvan Valley Cemetery
Laird Twp
- Laird Cemetery

Tarbutt Twp - Port Findlay Cemetery and Stickney Cemetery


Visit Manitoulin Cemeteries

Photos and Transcriptions online for Manitoulin Cemeteries include: Ainslie, Bidwell United Church, Big Lake, Birch Island, Buzwah, Cold Springs, Elm View, Fairview, Galbraith Farm, Gordon, Green Bay, Grimesthorpe, Hilly Grove, Holy Cross, Holy Trinity Anglican, Hughson, Kaboni, Kagawong Cedars, Lockyer, Long Bay, M'Chigeeng, Meldrum Bay, Michael's Bay, Mills-Burpee, Mindemoya, Monkhouse, Mountain View, Providence Bay, St. Bernard's Catholic, St. Joseph's Island, St. Paul's Anglican, Sheguiandah Reserve, South Bay, Sucker Creek, Tustian, Walford Protestant, Wikwemikong, Wikwemikongsing

Brant Dale McDonald - sithlord@execulink.com

Transcriptions Only:
Twp. - Greendwood, Farringdon, Mount Hope, Mount Pleasant All Saints, Mount Pleasant Pioneer and Mount Vernon
Burford Twp. - Burford Holy Trinity Anglican
Oakland Twp. - Oakland, Scotland United
Onagonda Twp.- 2nd Onondaga Baptist and River Range
South Dumfries Twp. - Glen Morris United, St. George Baptist, St. George United and Tew Family

Brant Esther - ebradley@cablerocket.com

Paris - Old Anglican Cemetery

Brock Ellen Murray - ellen.murray@sympatico.ca Transcriptions, Photos, Cemetery Recordings and Rubbings for all cemeteries in Reach Twp.
Bruce Gord - geobayha@bmts.com Lookups and Photos (can only do as time permits, requesters asked to be patient)
Twp.: Colpoy-Edgehill Cemetery and Red Bay
Amabel Twp.: Balsam Grove in Oliphant, Jackson (Spring Creek), Methodist in Allenford, St. Marys R.C. in Hepworth and Zion in Hepworth
Arran Twp: Arkwright Old Methodist, Christ Church Anglican in Invermay, Elsinore, Henderson New Connection Methodist, Hillcrest in Tara, Invermay Old Methodist, Mauselle family plot (transcripts only), Mount Hope United
Eastnor Twp. - Eastnor Twp. Cemetery near Lions Head
Ederslie Twp. - Chesley, Ebenezer, Paisley, Rusk, Salem, St. Andrew's and Vesta Cemeteries
Bruce Mary Swank - mcswank@earthlink.net Transcriptions Only
Arran Twp. - Hillcrest Cemetery

See Website

Photos have been posted on Field of Stones for Brocklebank Cemetery and Methodist Cemetery in Brant Twp.
Bruce Vicki - vicki.martel@rogers.com Lookups
Twp. - Protestant Cemetery, Sacred Heart (has some photos) and Walkerton Cemetery; Culross Twp. - Culross Cemetery, Sacred Heart R.C. Cemetery, Teeswater Cemetery; Greenock Twp. - Mary Immaculate R.C. (Old), Mary Immaculate R.C. (New) and St. Anns R.C.; Huron Twp. - Ripley Cemetery
Bruce Jean Harnick - jean.harnick@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Twp. - Culross Cemetery
Bruce Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Carrick Twp. - Balaclava Pres., Early Methodist Cemetery, Emmanuel Evangelical United, Immaculate Conception R.C., Neudstadt Baptist Church, Red Oak Cemetery, Sacred Heart, St. Francis Xavier R.C., St. Ignatius R.C., St. John's Evangelical Lutheran (New), St. John's Evangelical Lutheran (Old), St. Matthew's Lutheran
Bruce Margaret - hornsby@shaw.ca Lookups
Twp. - Smiths Cemetery and Teeswater Cemetery
Bruce Al Currie - alcurrie@telus.net Transcriptions Only
Arran Twp. - Hillcrest
Carleton Marilyn Rivington - marilynr37@cogeco.ca Lookups
Twp. - St. Mary's Anglican Church
Huntley Twp. - Carp Presb., Christ Church Anglican, Huntley United, St. James Anglican
Kanata - St. John's
March Twp. - The Hazeldean Cemeteries
Carleton Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Gloucester Twp. - Our Lady of Visitation R.C.
Osgoode Twp. - St. Brigid's R.C., St. John's R.C.
Carleton Wendy Gray - twg@canwan.com Lookups
Goulbourn Twp. - Andrew's Presb. Church
Carleton Mary Swank - mcswank@earthlink.net Lookups
Goulbourn Twp. - St. Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery at Stanley's Corners
Huntley Twp. - Carp Presb. Cemetery
March Twp. - The Hazeldean Cemeteries, Hazeldean Union Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Scharf Cemetery, Wiggans Burial Ground
Torbolton Twp. - St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Woodlawn
Carleton Marcy - faeriecats@comcast.net Lookups
Nepean Twp. - Bells Corners
Carleton Marc - mwigle@virtual-impact.ca Lookups for all cemeteries in Ottawa. Also willing to do lookups in Quebec.
Carleton Nancy Bass - bass3396@rogers.com Lookups for all cemeteries in Ottawa.
Cochrane Lynn - bec@persona.ca Transcriptions
Iroquois Falls - Iroquois Falls New Cemetery, Old Abitibi Cemetery
Monteith - Monteith Cemetery
Porquis Junction - Porquis Union Cemetery
Timmins - Timmins Memorial, Tisdale, Whitney (Deadmans Point), McIntosh, Springs
Cochrane Sheila - Sheila-Jacques@hotmail.com Transcriptions
Kendrey Twp. - Smooth Rock Falls Public Cemetery, in the Town of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario (Northern Ontario) Lot 23, Con. 9 (Oldest dated monument found: 1925; Recorded in 1998 by Sheila (Priebe) Jacques and Clara (Labelle) Jacques
Shackleton Twp. - Strickland Cemetery/Cimetiere de Strickland, Highway #11, Strickland, Ontario (Northern Ontario) Lot 2, Con 10, (Oldest dated monument found: 1927; Recorded in 2001 by Sheila (Priebe) Jacques and Clara (Labelle) Jacques)
Cochrane Peggy Millar - millarde@vianet.ca Transcriptions
O'Brien Twp. - Kapuskasing Cemetery

See Website for Photos and Information

Information and photos of cemeteries in Dufferin County
Dufferin Beverly - bminer1@verizon.net Lookups
East Garafraxa - McKee, Price's Corners
Dufferin JoAnne - jo-dy@sympatico.ca Transcriptions
Mulmur Twp. - Banda Methodist
Dufferin Sheila Davidson - sheiladavidson@sympatico.ca Transcriptions, photos and cemetery records
Mono Twp. - Forest Lawn Cemetery
Dufferin Sheila Davidson - sheiladavidson@sympatico.ca
Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca
Transcriptions, photos and information for all cemeteries in Dufferin Co.
Dundas Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Winchester Twp. - Brown's, Ormond Protestant
Durham Esther Meeschaut - meerwood@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Cartwright Twp. - Bethel, Blackstock United Church (Old Methodist), Caesar's, Cartwright Union (East Section), Cartwright Union (West Section), Devitts', Nestleton United Church, St. John's Anglican
Durham Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Cavan Twp. - Shield
Durham Ruth - rwaitec568@rogers.com Lookups
Oshawa - Union Cemetery
Durham Pauline Franzen - paulinefranzen@xplornet.ca Lookups
Town of Pickering - Friends Cemetery
Durham Bill Tanner - bigjohnston@rogers.com Lookups - All cemeteries in the Bowmanville area
Durham Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com

Cemetery Transcriptions:
Cavan Township: 10th line Abandon, Unnamed abandon, Shield, St John’s Anglican, Fraserville, Huston Abandon, Millbrook Abandon, Zion, 9Th line, St Paul’s Anglican, Centerville, Gardiner
Manvers Township: McCreas United, St Mary’s, Pontypool United,  Hale’s, Janetville Presbyterian, Fallis Methodist, Ballyduff, Janetville United, St Alban’s, Bethel old, Graham’s

Family Biographies:


Visit Elgin OGS website

Most cemeteries and transcriptions are online  Photos can be found on Field of Stones and Ontario Obits

Lorie Begin - Lbegin3@cogeco.ca

Transcriptions/Cemetery Records - for all cemeteries that have been transcribed in Essex Co.

Violet - vs.hecnar@sympatico.ca

Lookups (no blanket searches) for Essex County North Ridge Cemetery, Gosfield North, Fairbairn Union, Sandwich, Sandwich South, St. John's Anglican Churchyard, St. Mary's Anglican, St. William's in Emeryville

Alan F. Harnos - winham79@mnsi.net
(Email not working?)

Transcriptions, Photos and Cemetery Records
City of Windsor - Windsor Grove

Karen Stephenson - k.stephenson@cogeco.ca

Lookups and photos (as long as requester knows the location inside the cemetery)
Sandwich Twp. - cemeteries in Windsor

Scott Belanger - scott.belanger@sympatico.ca

Lookups: cemeteries in Windsor and any local towns as far as Chatham and Wallaceburg

Jen Wylie - p-jwylie@nrtco.net

Pittsburg Twp. - Sand Hill Presbyterian Cemetery
Wolfe or Howe Islands - Website All cemeteries on Howe Island are photographed and transcribed and online! For Wolfe Island ALL of Christ Church Cemetery and St. Lawrence cemetery are photographed and transcribed and online. All cemeteries on Wolfe are transcribed.  Website now also has all tombstones photographed and transcribed for Horne & Point Alexandria Cemetery and Sacred Heart RC OLD cemetery. 

Mrs. Rose MacPherson - rose1@porchlight.ca

Hinchinbrooke Twp. - Parham Cemetery
Olden Twp. - Oconto Cemetery

Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca

Lancaster Twp. - Old Presbyterian, Dalhousie Mills, St. Andrews United Church, The Round Church, Dalhousie Mills
Lochiel Twp. - Breadalbane Community

Ted - bertts@rogers.com *NEW*

Lookups Only
Collingwood Twp. - Thornbury-Clarksburg Union
Derby Twp. - Owen Sound Greenwood Cemetery
Euphrasia Twp. - Ebenezer, Mount Zion, New England, St. James, Temple Hill
Holland Twp. - Harkaway United Church, Walter's Falls - St. Phillips Anglican Church, Walters Falls United Church
Keppel Twp. - Boyd, Oxenden
Sarawak Twp. - Mount Pleasant
St. Vincent Twp. - Bethesda [Sniders], Duxbury, Ellis family, Harris, Hurlbut's, Meaford - Lakeview, Meaford Tank Range (Boyles, Cape Rich, Doran, Webber's Old, Webber's New, Williams), McCaysland, Porter Farm, Storeys, Taylor family, Ward's Hill
Sydenham Twp. - Annan, Daywood, Hatton, Johnstone's Leith, McLeans, Menary's, Quacker  S of Woodford, St Matthews Anglican, St Paul's United, Tenth Line-Burns, Van Wyck - Balaclava


Brenda MacDonald - danbren@hotmail.com

Bentinck Twp. - St. George
Proton Twp. - Walker
Sydenham Twp. - Annan

Marilyn Irish - irishs@cogeco.ca

Digital photos - Please put cemetery photo request in subject line of email. Sends photos as attachments via email. Cannot send  photos of entire cemeteries
Glenelg Twp. - St. Paul's R.C. Cemetery in Dornoch

Sue - aprilsue73@hotmail.com

Transcriptions Only
Keppel Twp. - Bayview Cemetery in Wiarton

Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca

Transcriptions Only
Bentinck Twp. - Hanover
Egremont Twp. -
Mount Forest Cemetery, Holy Cross (Mt. Forest)
Keppel Twp. -
Bayview Cemetery (Wiarton) [can take photos when visiting area], Big Bay
Twp. - Abandoned Cemetery Con. 4 Lot 15, Ayton Union, Cochrane Cemetery, Evangelical United Brethren in Ayton, Hampden Cemetery, Knox Presbyterian in Ayton, Maplewood, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Calderwood, Negro Cemetery (Abandoned), Old Zion in Ayton, Orchardville R.C., Pioneer Cemetery (Plumeville), St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Neustadt, St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery in Neustadt, St. Peter's R.C. in Ayton, Single Grave (William Holmes) and Trinity Lutheran in Ayton
Proton Twp. - Dundalk Cemetery [can take photos when visiting area]
St. Vincent Twp. - Meaford AFV Range

Margaret - hornsby@shaw.ca

Artemesia Twp. - Abandoned in Eugenia Falls, McNeil, Priceville Old
Bentinck Twp. - Evangelical United Brethren, Hanover
Derby Twp. - Index to Greenwood & St. Mary's Catholic Cemeteries in Owen Sound (names only)
Egremont Twp. - Amos-Dromore, Hilts Methodist, Holstein (Reid), Mount Forest, Mount Forest Old Methodist, Springfield Methodist (2 families only)
Glenelg Twp. - Ebenezer, Trinity Anglican
Normanby Twp. - Maplewood
Osprey Twp. - Maxwell Union, Old Pioneer, West of Maxwell, Old Presby. in Maxwell, Rob Roy, St. Mary's Anglican Church, Maxwell
Proton Twp. - Dundalk Cemetery
Grey Gord - geobayha@bmts.com Lookups and Photos (can only do as time permits, requesters asked to be patient)
Derby Twp.
- Owen Sound Cemetery
Keppel Twp. - Boyd, Oxenden
Sarawak Twp. - Mount Pleasant
St. Vincent Twp. - Bethesda [Sniders], Duxbury, Ellis family, Harris, Hurlbut's, Meaford - Lakeview, Meaford Tank Range (Boyles, Cape Rich, Doran, Webber's Old, Webber's New, Williams), McCaysland, Porter Farm, Storeys, Taylor family, Ward's Hill
Sullivan Twp. - Barss family plot, Cedardale, Desboro public, East Sullivan Baptist, Grace Anglican-Desboro, Hemstocks-Chatsworth, Keward, Mennonite, Pritchard family, St John's Anglican, St Peter's Evan, Lutheran
Sydenham Twp. - Annan, Daywood, Hatton, Johnstone's Leith, McLeans, Menary's, Quacker  S of Woodford, St Matthews Anglican, St Michael's R. C., St Paul's United, Tenth Line-Burns, Van Wyck - Balaclava

Donna Russell - dgrussell@bmts.com

Transcriptions for cemeteries in Artmesia Twp., Osprey Twp., Proton Twp.

See Website

Greenwood Cemetery - Website offers map and index for any interment over 30 years old

See Website

Proton Twp. - Instioge Cemetery - website offers photographs

Lori Mifsud UE -  bad_kitty@mountaincable.net

See Website <defunct> for cemetery listing and specify cemetery when requesting lookup

Greater Harvey Historical Society - info@ghhs.ca

See Website
Haliburton Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com Cemetery Transcriptions:
Cardiff Township
: Kidd Grave, Petri Plot,Deer Lake, McGillivray
Dysart Township: Gandier,Evergreen
MonmouthTownship: Essonville Anglican, Essonville, South Wilberforce
Stanhope Township: Abandon Pioneer,  Blagdon Hill, St Peter’s Anglican, St Stephens Anglican,, Maple Lake, Zion United (Carnarvon)
Guilford Township: West Guilford Baptist
Glamorgan Township: Glamorgan Cemetery
Minden Township: Minden Cemetery, 12 mile Lake United, Ingoldsby, Bethel United Church

George Morley - gmortley@cogeco.ca

Transcripts and Lookups
Campbellville - St. David's Presbyterian
Milton - Evergreen
Nassagaweya Twp. - St. John's Anglican

Loraine Ertelt - lpertelt@aol.com

Nelson Twp. - Job's Lane (Union Burying Ground/United Empire Loyalists Cemetery), Nelson United, St. John's Anglican Church
Trafalgar Twp. - Bronte, Milton Pioneer, Munn's United Church, Palermo United Church

John Workman - ajohnworkman@yahoo.ca

Trafalgar Twp. - St. Peter's R.C.

Ann - astriker@kos.net

Lookups for all cemeteries in the county.  Please specify cemetery when requesting information.

Sharon - stshan56@hotmail.com

Belmont Twp. - Maple Grove in Havelock and Pine Grove in Havelock
Marmora - Marmora Protestant, Sacred Heart R.C., Zion Cemetery
Rawdon - Twelfth Line
Seymour Twp. - Zion Cemetery at Pethericks Corners
Springbrook - Mt. Nebo United
Hastings Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com Cemetery Transcriptions:
Township Thurlow
: Zion Hill, Jones,stimers,  Cannifton, Easton Family, Rupert Farm
Sidney township:longwell's, Hogle Pioneer, Guffin, River Valley, Vanderwater, Taugher Family, Juby Abandon, Abandon, Hanna Family, Danford
Monteagle Township : Bartlett Family
Lake Township: Airhart Family
Tudor Township : Gilmour
Rawdon Township: Carmel Cemetery, 12th Line, Weaver, Spry/Neal family, Runnals family, Ridge Road, Mumby family, Hubble Hill, Bethel United, Barton, St Lawrence, Cummings-Horton, Chard,  Hay family, McConnell, Mason, Hubble Pioneer, Cassidy Family, Burying Ground Bowling Green)
Mayo Township: Childs Cemetery
Marmara Township: Shannon Family, Wells family Plot, Howe family, johns Family, Free Methodist
Bangor Township: Purdy
Bellevile: Taylor family
Tudor Township: Stoney, St Margaret's
Hungerford Township: Bunker Hill Cemetery , Parks (Mount zion)
Wollaston Township: Salem Pioneer
Carlow Township:New Carlow, Boulter Gospel
Huntingdon Township: Methodist, Haggerty Family, Gauen Burial, Fitchett, Downey Con. 10, Quaker, lilac (Mitz farm), Methodist, lloyd Abandon ,
Limerick Township: Old St Ola
Dungannon Township: Nobb’s, Deltor United, Lakeview
Madoc Township: Robinson family Plot

Kate Thompson - csbtrucking@shaw.ca

Transcriptions Only
Colborne Twp. - Colborne Cemetery, Colborne Evangelical Cemetery
Goderich - Maitland Cemetery (Sections B, F and H ONLY)

See website

East Wawanosh - Wingham Cemetery - see website

Donna - d.dilello@rogers.com

Goderich Twp. - Maitland Cemetery (All sections)

Mary McDermott - mary_hancock@msn.com

Transcriptions Only
Hay Twp. - Exeter Cemetery

Wendy Gray - twg@sasktel.net

Hay Twp. - Hillsgreen, Evangelical Lutheran (1860-1886) (1887-), Zurich Mennonite

Mary Swank - mcswank@earthlink.net

Transcriptions Only
Hay Twp. - Exeter Cemetery
Hullett Twp. - Blyth Union Cemetery
McKillop Twp. - Maitlandbank Cemetery
Turnberry Twp. - Wingham Cemetery
Huron Kimberley Fraser - kimberly.fraser@sympatico.ca Digital Photos - please identify approximate location in cemetery, as photo index not complete. Photos will be sent via e-mail.
Hay Twp. - Exeter Cemetery

Carol Marcelle - cemarcelle@sympatico.ca

Transcriptions/Cemetery Records
Howick Twp. - Abandoned Presbyeterian in Wroxeter, Hayden

Sheila - shelaugh_gen@hotmail.com

Howick Twp. - Evangelical Pioneer (Abandoned), Lakelet Mennonite, Lakelet, Porterfield's Congregational Pioneer, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran

Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca

Transcriptions Only
Goderich Twp. - Holmesville Memorial
Howick Twp. - Abandoned Baptist Pioneer Cemetery, Abandoned Presbyterian Cemetery in Wroxeter, Brethren in Christ, Clifford Cemetery, Fordwich Presbyterian, Fordwich Public, Gorrie Public Cemetery, Hayden Wesleyan Methodist Church, Molesworth Cemetery, Old Hunter Cemetery, Old Sotheran Cemetery, Redgrave, Wroxeter Anglican Cemetery (AB), Wroxeter Public Cemetery

Sue Edminster - susaned@kendra.com

Lookups (one surname at a time and provide as much info as you can about person you are seeking)
Howick Twp. - Fordwich Public Cemetery, Old Sotheran Cemetery
Huron Sarah McLellan - sarah_mclellan@hotmail.com Transcriptions
Morris Twp. - Brussels United

Mary McDermott - mary_hancock@msn.com

Transcriptions Only
Usborne Twp. - Elimville Methodist/United
Kawartha District

Greater Harvey Historical Society - info@ghhs.ca

See Website
Kawartha District Dave Bulford - bullfrog@sympatico.ca Lookups
Laxton Twp. - Murray Family Plot, Norland Community in Pinegrove
Somerville Twp. - Gallagher Field, Kinmount Community, St. Patrick's R.C.
Kenora Barbara A. Manson - bmanson@city.kenora.on.ca I will supply the name, location and interment date of anyone in our Cemetery for free.  If they require a full trace, including obituary, we charge $25.00 per name
Kenora - Lake of the Woods
I also have unofficial records for the St. Nicholas Ukranian Catholic Cemetery and the abandoned Keewatin Cemetery and would offer the same service.
Kenora Bill - cornwalljack@voyageur.ca Photos and lookups in Kenora
Kenora - Lake of the Woods, St. Nicholas Ukranian Cemetery
Kent Nancy - jcameron@ciaccess.com Willing to do lookups for cemeteries in Howard Twp. and Orford Twp.
Lambton See Website See Website
Lambton Janis McCahill - mccahill@xcelco.on.ca Transcriptions for all cemeteries in Bosanquet Twp. and Plympton Twp.
Lambton Bonnie - bonnie015@sympatico.ca Transcriptions
Dawn Twp. - Gould, Mawlam
Euphemia Twp. - Cairo, Cameron, Carey, Eacott, Fansher, Johnston, Shetland, St. John's, St. Mathew
Lambton Lynne Gray-Ross - lgray@ntl.sympatico.ca Lookups - Custodial records
Lakeview Cemetery
Lanark Keith - keithomp@netscape.ca   Lookups - please visit website for more info - all cemeteries in Lanark Co.
Leeds & Grenville Jen Wylie - p-jwylie@nrtco.net Lookups - please specify cemetery
Gananoque (Leeds & Lansdowne Twp.; Leeds & Thousand Island Twp.) - St. John's RC Cemetery and Willowbank Cemetery
Lennox & Addington See Website Partial transcriptions and/or photographs of tombstones are online
Amherst Island Twp. - see website for information
Lennox & Addington See Website See website for online transcriptions
Adolphustown Twp. - Adolphustown United Church, Allison Mausoleum & Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Hay Bay Quaker Cemetery, Old Hay Bay Church Cemetery, St. Alban's Anglican Church, Trumpour Cemetery, UEL Memorial Cemetery, Watson Cemetery
North Fredericksburg Twp.
- Big Creek (Close's Mills), Bethany Cemetery, Bygott Cemetery, Carscallen Cemetery, Ebeneezer (Lutheran) Cemetery, McCabe (Sandhill) Cemetery, Shorey Burial Plot, St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Woodcock Cemetery
South Fredericksburg Twp. -
Alkenbrack Cemetery, Diamond Burial Plot, Garrison Cemetery, Loyst Cemetery, McDowall Memorial Cemetery, Rikely Cemetery, Rombough Cemetery, St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Sicker Hill Cemetery, Sillsville Cemetery, Spencer Plot, Vandewater Cemetery
Lennox & Addington Charon Jensen - charon_jensen@hotmail.com Transcriptions
Adolphustown Twp. -
Adolphustown, North Shore, Con 4, GOSPORT Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery located at Con III in Adolphustown
Camden Twp. -
Asseltine, Bell (Desmond), Boyd, Camden V, Camden United Church, Centreville United Church, Huffman, J. Black Memorial, Lochhead (Centreville), Lovebeck Plaque, Milligan-Pioneer, Reidville Cemetery, St. Anthony's (Old), St. Anthony's du Padua (New), Storring, Strathcona, Thompson-Meeks, Vrooman, Yarker
Ernestown - Bath United Church Cemetery, Bicknell Madden (Fieldstones only), Burleigh Cemetery, Davy Farm Cemetery, Fourth Line Fellows, Loyst Perry, Miller Millhaven, O'Hara Cemetery, St. John's Anglican, St. Linus RC, St. Marys RC, Shibley, Snider Cemetery, Unnamed Cemetery (Con V, Lot 20 - fieldstones only), Violet Cemetery
North Fredericksburg Twp. - Baird, Bethany, Big Creek (Close's Mills), Bygott, Carscallen, Ebeneezer Lutheran, McCabe (Sandhill), Moore, St. Patrick's Catholic, Shorey Burial Plot,  Spookhorn, Woodcock
Richmond Twp. - Martin Cemetery, Roblin (pub 1996), Sedore Burying Ground, Selby Anglican Cemetery, Sexsmith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Cemetery (Napanee), Wayte Cemetery, Windover Cemetery
South Fredericksburg Twp. - Alkenbrack Cemetery, Diamond Burial Plot, Garrison Cemetery, Loyst Cemetery, McDowall Memorial Cemetery, Rikely Cemetery, Rombough Cemetery, St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Sicker Hill Cemetery, Sillsville Cemetery, Spencer Plot, Vandewater Cemetery, Wilson Stone (Con 1, Lot 24)
Lennox & Addington Jen Wylie - p-wylie@nrtco.net Lookups - please specify cemetery
Camden Twp. -
Asseltine, Bell (Desmond), Boyd, Camden V, Camden United Church, Centreville United Church, Huffman, J. Black Memorial, Lochhead (Centreville), Lovebeck Plaque, Milligan-Pioneer, Reidville Cemetery, St. Anthony's (Old), St. Anthony's du Padua (New), Storring, Strathcona, Thompson-Meeks, Vrooman, Yarker
Richmond Twp. - Martin Cemetery, Roblin (pub 1996), Sedore Burying Ground, Selby Anglican Cemetery, Sexsmith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Cemetery (Napanee), Wayte Cemetery, Windover Cemetery
Lincoln Ethel B. Keith - currently unavailable for lookups Lookups
Beamsville - Beamsville First Baptist Cemetery-Mount, Lincoln Co. Cemetery, Osborne Municipal Cemetery
Grantham - Christ Church McNab Anglican Cemetery, Homer Anglican at The Ten Cemetery
Niagara-on-the-Lake - St. Mark's Anglican Church (burial records 1795-1850)
Lincoln Loraine Ertelt - lpertelt@aol.com Lookups
Grimsby Twp. - St. Andrews Anglican Church
Lincoln Cheryl - jasperden@canada.com Lookups
West Lincoln Twp. - Dochstader (Jun 1984), Lymburner (Apr 1984), Smithville United Church (summer 1991)
Lincoln Virginia - vjmill@telus.net Lookups
St. Ann's - St. Ann's Presbyterian
Beamsville - Mount Osborne
Miscellaneous - Lane, Abingdon, Ker United
Lincoln Helen Scarth - circe@treadles.ca Lookups
Smithville - including St. Luke's Churchyard, Union Cemetery and the United Church Cemetery
Lincoln Ethel B. Keith - bernadette@ca.inter.net Lookups
Niagara-on-the-Lake ~ St. Mark's Anglican Church Burial Records -1795-1850 Cemetery Records
Beamsville ~ Mount Osborne Municipal Cemetery
Grantham ~ Homer Anglican At The Ten Cemetery; Christ Church McNab Anglican Cemetery
Manitoulin Please visit website Website offers information, cannot do lookups
Manitoulin Marilyn Irish - irishs@cogeco.ca
Norma Hughson - nlhughson@manitoulin.net
Digital photos - Please put cemetery photo request in subject line of email. Sends photos as attachments via email. Cannot send  photos of entire cemeteries
Assignack Twp.
- Bidwell United Church (Hembruff), Hilly Grove
Campbell Twp. - Grimesthorpe, Long Bay
Carnarvon Twp. - Mindemoya, Providence Bay
Dawson Twp. - Meldrum Bay
Gordon Twp. - Gordon Cemetery
Howland Twp. - Cold Springs, Elm View, Mountain View, St. Bernard's Catholic
Kagawong - Kagawong Cedars
Little Current - Holy Trinity Anglican
Manitowaning - Hughson Cemetery, Lockyer Cemetery, St. Paul's Anglican
Sheguindah Twp. - Green Bay, Sheguindah Reserve
Silver Water - Silver Lake
Tehkummah Twp. - Fairview Cemetery
Misc. - Mills-Burpee, Whitefish Falls
Middlesex Ted - bertts@rogers.com *NEW* Transcriptions and photos
City of London - Mount Pleasant, Woodland
Biddulph Twp. - St. James Anglican (at Clandeboye)
Delaware Twp. - Christ Church Anglican, Kilworth, Oakland, Woodhull
East Williams Twp. - Nairn
Westminster Twp. - Pond Mills, Scottsville, Trinity Anglican, White Oak
Middlesex Don - don.demaray@sympatico.ca Lookups
Adelaide Twp. - Douglas Family Burial, First Adelaide Presby. (Ireland), Fourth Line Methodist, House of Refuge, Minielly Family, Private RC Burying Ground, St. Anns Anglican Church, St. Patricks RC, West Adelaide Presby., West Adelaide Presby. Cairn
Metcalfe Twp. - St. Catherines Anglican, St. Marys Anglican
Strathroy - Mental Institution Cemetery, St. Johns Evangelican Anglican
Middlesex Lorraine - aunt_rain@ameritech.net Transcriptions Only
Biddulph Twp. - St. James Anglican (at Clandeboye)
Caradoc Twp. - Cook's, Longwoods, Mt. Brydges, Mt. Carmel
Delaware Twp. - Christ Church Anglican, Kilworth, Oakland, Woodhull
East Williams Twp. - Nairn
Lobo Twp. - Ivan (Melville United Church), Melrose United Church, Poplar Hill
Westminster Twp. - Pond Mills, Scottsville, Trinity Anglican, White Oak
Middlesex Art - concur@bell.net Lookups and photos
City of London - Mount Pleasant, Woodland
Middlesex Linda McLean - dewdrop@shaw.ca Transcriptions Only
Cottam Cemetery, McLean Cemetery, Poplar Hill Cemetery
Middlesex JoAnne Galbraith - galbraithj@porchlight.ca Lookups and photos
lookups for cemeteries in our area which is SWM including old townships of Mosa , Ekfrid and villages of Glencoe, Appin, Melbourne, Middlemiss, Newbury and Wardsville
Middlesex Karen Stephenson - k.stephenson@cogeco.ca Transcriptions Only
Glencoe - Oakland Cemetery
Appin - Appin Cemetery
Muskoka Heather - aaron@bmts.com Lookups
Red Oak
Muskoka Margaret - hornsby@shaw.ca Lookups
Draper Twp. - Lutheran Church
Gravenhurst - Lakeview Protestant, Mickle Memorial, St. James Anglican
Medora Twp. - Christ Church
Monck Twp. - Annie William Memorial Cemetery (3 people)
Morrison Twp. - Bethel, Pioneer Lutheran
Wood Twp. - Abandoned Free Methodist Church & Cemetery (Con 18)
Misc. - Cemeteries located on the Gibson and Moon River Reserves off Hwy 103; Legion South End of Mickle Memorial Cemetery; Muskoka Cemetery (very old) on Hwy 11 and Airport Rd. East; Torrance Union Cemetery Medora-Wood Townline
Muskoka Dave Bulford - bullfrog@sympatico.ca Lookups
Ridout Twp. - Paint Lake Pioneer
Muskoka Janine McIntyre - janine@muskoka.com I have transcripts and plenty of photos
Stephenson Twp. - Beatrice, St. Mary's, Stephenson township, Christ Church, Lancelot
Muskoka See Website Please visit website for various cemeteries in Muskoka
Nipissing District See website Murray Pletsch's cemetery site has ALL of the cemeteries photographed and have the names of each person (Last name) if you do the search engine on his site for Nipissing District. He will however will NOT do lookups.  The photos tell the whole story as everything is written on the stones.
Norfolk Roger Whitehead - rogerwhitehead@rogers.com Lookups - please provide as much info as possible on who you are seeking
Charlotteville Twp. - Jericho (1995)
Middleton Twp. - Bostwick/Bell Mill (1988)
Windham Twp. - Bethel Methodist (1991), Lynneville (1989)
Northumberland Bill Smith - wdsmith@ebtech.net Lookups (have limited number of photos as well)
Alnwick Twp. - Centenary Cemetery, Merril's Cemetery, St. James Anglican Cemetery
Northumberland Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Hamilton Twp. - Union (Elgin St., Cobourg)
Northumberland Betty - tippytoe@goeaston.net Transcriptions Only
Murray Twp. - Carrying Place Cemetery
Northumberland Peter - hunter@nhb.com Lookups for all cemeteries in Port Hope.  http://www.nhb.com/hunter/
Northumberland Eli D.-  fountainoflife@optonline.net     Lookups
Alwick - St. James Anglican Church Cemetery
Brighton – Hilton Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Olivet Cemetery, McPhails’s Cemetery
Campbellford, Seymour Township – Christ Church Anglican Cemetery
Cramahe – Castleton Cemetery, Christian Church Cemetery (Morganston), Salem Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Union Cemetery
Murray – Carrying Place Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery
Percy - Stone Cemetery, Trent Valley Cemetery, Warkworth Cemetery
Northumberland Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com Cemetery Transcriptions:
Cramahe Township:
Waite, Colborne, Trinity Anglican, Walker Dundonald, Shiloh, Carr, Woods, Red Cloud, Trinity Anglican Colborne, Castleton, Salem, Christian Church,  Union
Brighton Township: Gosport, Mount Olivet, Palmers, Smithfield United, Vansickle, St Andrew’s Presbyterian
Hamilton Township: Precious Corners, Hull’s Corners, St Andrews,Baltimore Old Presbyterian, Cold Springs Pioneer Memorial, Bethel, Grove, St Michael’s R.C., Lents, Plainville Bible Christian, Royal Canadian Legion, St George Anglican, Plainville United, Camborne United, Bewdley’s Union, St Paul’s United, Baltimore United, Union (Cobourg), St Peter’s (Cobourg)
Murray Township: Scott Abandon
Percy Township: St Jerome R.C, Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Hasting Town), Warkworth R.C. Abandon, Stone, Trent  Valley
Seymour Township: Clarke’s, Keller Family, Polmont, Stanwood United, St Mary’s R.C., Centre, Zion
South Monaghan Township: Pengelley
Haldimand Townshp:Lakeport, Russ
Ontario Co. Pauline Franzen - paulinefranzen@xplornet.ca Lookups
Pickering Twp. - Society of Friends Cemetery
Utica / Reach Twp. - Breadalbane, Greenbank, Hillman, Kendall
Ontario Co. See website Paper transcriptions for all cemeteries in the former Pickering Twp. have been transcribed and can be found on this website, under the "Indexes" heading.  Visitors can search cemeteries by name, by inscription, browse by cemetery and name, and find cemetery locations
Ontario Co. Esther Meerschaut - meerwood@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Reach Twp. - Pine Grove Cemetery, Prince Albert (Port Perry)
Uxbridge - Uxbridge and Uxbridge Twp. cemeteries
Ontario Co. Donna - d.dilello@rogers.com Lookups
Whitby Twp. - Groveside Cemetery (All sections)
Columbus - St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery
Oxford Donna - d.dilello@rogers.com Lookups
West Oxford & Dereham Twp. - Dereham (Old & New), Harris St.
Oxford Jean Hammond - nanajean@sympatico.ca Lookups
East Nissouri Twp. - Abandoned (Lot 11, Con 14), Christ Church Anglican at Lakeside, Kintore Methodist at Kintore, Kintore Presby.at Kintore, Lakeside Methodist, St. Andrews Presby.at Thamesford, St. John's Anglican at Thamesford, Wesley Methodist at Thamesford
North Oxford Twp. - Banner United Church at Banner
West Zorra Twp. - Broadview United at Harrington, Knox Presbyterian at Harrington, North Embro at Embro, Old Log Church near Embro
Oxford Cheryl - Cheryle@shaw.ca Lookups
North Norwich Pioneer, Norwich Gore, Norwich Village, Quaker
Oxford Dave Cooper - dave.cooper2@sympatico.ca Photos for all cemeteries in the county - please visit website
Parry Sound See website Murray Pletsch's cemetery site has ALL of the cemeteries photographed and have the names of each person (Last name) if you do the search engine on his site. He will however will NOT do lookups.  The photos tell the whole story as everything is written on the stones.
Parry Sound See website Please see website for more on various cemeteries in Parry Sound
Peel JoAnne - jo-dy@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only (Specify County, township and cemetery)
Chinguacousy Twp. - Brampton Pioneer Cemetery
Peel Katie - heads.hunt@gmail.com Digital photos sent by email; no access to transcripts (NOT ENTIRE CEMETERIES)
Chinguacousy Twp. - Brampton Cemetery
Toronto Twp. - St. Marys RC Church at Port Credit, Springcreek (Clarkson/Mississauga), Streetsville, Trinity Anglican Church at Port Credit
Toronto-Gore Twp. - Ebeneezer United
Misc. - Willing to visit smaller roadside cemeteries in Peel Co. (or surrounding area).  Please provide the location and name of the cemetery as well as the name of the person you are seeking and as much other info as possible.
Peel Bill Cosway - jean-bill.cosway@sympatico.ca Transcriptions
Toronto Twp. - Dixie Union (#23) (1995)
Peel Loraine Ertelt - lpertelt@aol.com Lookups
Toronto Twp. - St. Andrews Presbyterian
Toronto Gore Twp. - St. John's Anglican
Peel Mary Wilkinson - delamary@rogers.com Transcriptions for most cemeteries in Peel Co.  I also have many books and other resources for Peel Co and am willing to lookups.  One surname at a time please.
I have records for St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Erindale (Mississauga) and for the Erindale Cosmopolitan Cemetery, Springcreek in Clarkson, Brampton Cemetery and all the Streetsville Cemeteries. I also have cemetery records for most of the Mississauga Cemeteries.
Peel William - higginsw@ica.net *NEW* Lookups and transcriptions - St. Peter's Erindale Cemetery (only)
Perth Carol Bauman - bauman@quadro.net Transcriptions Only
Elma Twp. - Donegal, Elma Centre, Hammond Burial Ground, Trinity Anglican, Trowbridge
Perth Jean Park - ajp.mrp@sympatico.ca Lookups
Mitchell - Knox Presbyterian Cemetery
Perth Sarah McLellan - sarah_mclellan@hotmail.com Transcriptions
Mornington Twp. - Milverton Cemetery: Greenwood Milverton
Perth Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Wallace Twp. - Augusta Evangelical Cemetery (Con 3, Lot 36)
Perth Virginia - vjmill@telus.net Lookups:
Stratford - Avondale (Blocks I, K, and M - Old Sections)
Peterborough Eli D.-  fountainoflife@optonline.net  *NEW* Lookups
Belmont Township - Maple Grove Cemetery Lot 4 Con 10
Peterborough Richard - rparcels71@rogers.com Lookups
Belmont Twp. - Hubble, Maple Grove, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pine Grove, Preneveau, Preston, Rockdale, Victoria
Warsaw Twp. - St. Mark's
Peterborough JoAnne - jo-dy@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only (Specify county, township & cemetery)
Cavan Twp. - Abandoned Cemetery
Chandos Twp. - Community (Union Burying Ground), Hillside, St. Andrew's Anglican, St. Paul's Anglican
Dummer Twp. - United Church
Galway Twp. - Abandoned Cemetery
Methuen Twp. - Abandoned Post Cemetery
Otonabee Twp. - St. Mark's Anglican Church Cemetery (Zion)
Peterborough See website See website for a listing of all who are buried in the Lakefield Cemetery, as well as maps and more information
Peterborough Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com

Cemetery Transcriptions:
Asphodel Township: Cameron : Humphries (Abandon): Norwood- Asphodel, St Michael’s Anglican, St Paul’s Roman Catholic , Westwood Community,  Wilson (Abandon)       
Belmont Townships:
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC, Preneveau (Abandon), Maple Grove (Private), Pine Grove Presbyterian, Rockdale Community, Victoria United               
Chandos Township: Community/ Union, Hillside, St Andrews Anglican, St Paul’s Anglican   
Douro Township: Hillside Community, St Joseph Roman Catholic, Christ Church
Dummer Township:
McCracken’s / Batten Hill, Unnamed (Abandon) English Line, Kidd (Abandon), St Mark’s Anglican, United Church Cottesloe              
Ennismore Township: St Martin’s Roman Catholic (New Ennismore), St. Martin’s Roman Catholic (Old), St Martin’s Roman Catholic Pioneer by the Lake
Galway Township: Unnamed (Abandon), St Patrick’s Roman Catholic
Harvey Township:
Nogies’ Creek, Sandy Lake Community           
Methuen Township:
Post Abandon              
North Monaghan Township:
Rosemount Memorial Gardens
Otonabee Township:
Fife’s, Keene Upper, Pine Grove, St Mark’s Anglican, Zion, Hiawatha
Peterborough Town:
Highland Park and Little Lake, Pioneer Park Abandoned \ West Methodist Burying Ground, St Peter’s Roman Catholic
Smith Township Bickles, Lakefield’s \ Rays, Bridgenorth United, St Mary’s Roman Catholic, Pengelley Hiawatha   

Prescott Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Longueuil Twp. - Cassburn
Plantagenet Twp. - St. Joseph's RC
Prince Edward Betty - tippytoe@goeaston.net Transcriptions Only
Ameliasburg Twp. - Delong-Brooks Cemetery, Salem Cemetery
Prince Edward Pat - jones@encode.com Lookups (first recorded burial was in 1842)
Hiller Twp. - Christ Church
Prince Edward See Website Please visit website for information
North Marysburgh - Rose Cemetery at Waupoos and St. John's Cemetery at Waupoos
Prince Edward Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com

Cemetery Transcriptions:
Hallowell Township
: White Chapel, Hicksite, Friends, Univeralist
Sophiasburg Township: Old Boulter, Eden Fox, Ruttan, Lazier/Cronk, Big Island, Abandoned Big Island 1-2 & 3, Gardiner, Gilbert’s Mill, Potter, Top of the Hill, Abandon Tyler, Van Horne, Daniel B Way, Carman Farm, Old Demorsestville, Old Harmonius Fox Farm,  Bethel/Doxsee, Quaker, Demorsetville, Roblin/ Mills, Solmes, Whitney
Ameliasburg Township: Delong-Brooks

Rainy River Marjorie Stintzi - stintzi@nwonet.net General lookups and photos
Emo and everything west of it including Barwick, Pinewood, Rainy River, Morson and Bergland
Rainy River Hugh Masson - hcmasson@jam21.net Transcriptions and photos (photos sent by snail mail) for any cemeteries in Barwick, Emo and Stratton
Renfrew Mary Swank - mcswank@earthlink.net Transcriptions Only
Horton Twp. - Goshen Cemetery, North Horton Cemetery, Renfrew Public Cemetery
McNab Twp. - Albert St. Cemetery in Arnprior and White Lake Cemetery
Ross Twp. - Cobden Union Cemetery
Renfrew Tom - tbrew@uwindsor.ca Lookups
Petawawa - St. John's Lutheran Church
Renfrew Garry Dowd - Gardondowd@aol.com Lookups for all cemeteries in Arnprior only - tombstones only
Russell Marilyn Rivington - marilynr37@cogeco.ca Lookups
Russell Twp. - St. Mary's Anglican
Simcoe Mary Harris - r_harris@sympatico.ca First, I will have requesters e-mail Barrie Union to get the exact plot locations & numbers, then using a map I have, I will look for the stone(s).  I will transcribe what is readable.
Barrie - Barrie Union Cemetery
Simcoe Margaret - hornsby@shaw.ca Lookups
Innisfil Twp. - Abandoned [lot 10, con 11], Gibbins, Soules
Nottawasaga Twp. - All Saints Anglican, Brethren in Christ, Christ Church Anglican at Batteau, Collingwood Presby., Dunkard (Mennonite), East Nottawasaga Presby, Poplar Sideroad at Collingwood, Stayner Union, Trinity United, Village of Creemore, Westmount Baptist, West Nottawasaga Presby.
Sunnidale Twp. - Bethel Methodist Church, Sunnidale Public (Union), Ebenezer Church - United Missionary, Glencairn, New Lowell, Sunnidale Pioneer, Zion Presbyterian
Tiny Twp. - Copelands Hill 
Tosorontio Twp. - Cemeteries in Adjala-Tosorontio Twp.,  Simcoe Co.; Volume One
Simcoe Heather - aaron@bmts.com Lookups
Mara Twp. - Atherley Union, Fairvalley Methodist, Gamebridge, Knox Presbyterian, St. Andrew's RC, St. Columbkille RC, Udney United
Matchedash Twp. - St. John's Anglican
Medonte Twp. - Brotherston (2 stones), Coldwater, George Wilson, Hobart Memorial, Moon Cemetery, Mount St. Louis RC, St. George's Fairvalley
Orillia - Angel's Guardian RC (abandoned), St. Andrew's St. James', St. James Anglican (abandoned), St. Michael's RC and Burials at Ontario Hospital (formerly Orillia Asylum for Idiots) compiled from Death registrations
Orillia Twp. - Ardtrea United, Marchmont, Ontario Hospital Orillia, formerly the Orillia Asylum for Idiots and now Huronia Regional Centre), St. George's Lake Union Washago, St. Luke's Anglican
Oro Twp. - African Episcopal, Baptist Cemetery (single stone), Bethesda Congregational, Cameron Family Cemetery, Edgar United Church, Esson Presbyterian, Johnson Family Cemetery, Knox Presbyterian, Leigh's Corners, Oro Station United, Unknown Burials Hodges Landing
Rama Twp. - Longford Mills United Church, Ramona United Church, St. Joseph RC (Black River), Sebright United Church, Single Grave (Benjamin Giles)

Tay Twp. - Abandoned (Cherry St. Waubaushene), Lakeview Cemetery - Midland, St. John's Anglican, St. John's Anglican Waverley, St. Margaret's RC - Midland, St. Mark's Anglican - Midland, St. Mary's Roman Catholic, Victoria Harbour, Union Cemetery, Victoria Harbour, Vasey Union Cemetery, Waubaushene Protestant
Tiny Twp. - Church of the Good Shepherd Anglican - Wyebridge, Copeland's Hill - Penetang, Gospel Hall Cemetery - Waverley, Penetanguishene Military, St. Andrew's Presbyterian - Wyebridge, St. James On The Line Anglican - Penetang, St. Margaret's Roman Catholic Cemetery - Midland, St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery - Midland, Waverley Methodist (French's) Cemetery, Wyevale Union
Misc. - Any that offer transcriptions at the library
Simcoe JoAnne - jo-dy@sympatico.ca Transcriptions (specify county, township & cemetery)
Matchedash Twp. - St. John's Anglican
Nottawasaga Twp. - Christ Church Anglican
S. Orillia Twp. - St. James Anglican
Sunnidale Twp. - Sunnidale Pioneer
Tay Twp. - Abandoned Cemetery, St. John's Anglican, St. John's Anglican at Waverly
Tiny Twp. - The William Wilson Pioneer, Wyevale Union
Vespra Twp. - Christ's Anglican
Simcoe See Website See Website for photos
Nottawasaga Twp. - Banda's Christ Church Cemetery, Lavender Cemetery
Simcoe Shirley Cook - Shirleyanncook@sympatico.ca Digital photos
Stayner - St. Patrick's Catholic Church Cemetery
Simcoe Vaughn Thurman - thurman.gallaugher@sympatico.ca Lookups, transcriptions and digital photos
Tosorontio Twp. - Jennings Pioneer Cemetery
Simcoe Lisa Boos - d.l.boos@sympatico.ca Transcriptions only of all cemeteries in this area (includes Tecumseth)
West Gwillimbury - Tecumseth/West Gwillimbury book
Simcoe Brenda MacDonald - danbren@hotmail.com Lookups
Minesing Union Cemetery
Simcoe See Website (click on Genealogy) The Genealogy  Research Room volunteers at the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and  Archives have transcribed and photographed many of the cemeteries in north  Simcoe County.

Gwilanne Parker -

Lookups and photos for cemeteries in Wasaga Beach

Jani Carless - pjcarless@hotmail.com

Barrie - Barrie Union Cemetery
Innisfil Twp. - Sixth Line Cemetery, St. John's Anglican Cemetery, St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery and St. Peter's Anglican
Temiskaming District

Jacqueline McCrae - JMehetable@aol.com

Transcriptions Only
Dymond Twp. - New Liskeard Pioneer, Valleyview (New Liskeard)
Thunder Bay Jude Mitchell - jmitch@tbaytel.net Lookups - please visit website for more info
Cloud Bay, Conmee, Dog River, Gorham-Ware, Harstone Church, Hymers, Intola, Kakabeka Falls Hydro, Kivikoski, Leeper, Lappe (New) Lutheran Church, Lappe (Old) Lutheran Church, Mountain View, Nolalu, O'Connor, O'Connor Free Methodist, Old Baptist Church, Pingrove, Riverside, Scoble Moose Hill, St. Andrew's, St. Benedicts, St. James, St. Patrick's, Stanley Hill, Sunset Memorial Gardens, Tarmola
Victoria Ellen Murray - ellen.murray@sympatico.ca Transcriptions, photos, cemetery records and rubbings for all cemeteries in Emily Twp., Fenelon Twp., Mariposa, Twp. Ops Twp. and Verulam Twp.
Victoria Al Galloway - maxal@m33access.com Lookups
Manvers Twp. -
St. Mary's Anglican
Victoria Pauline Franzen - paulinefranzen@xplornet.ca Lookups and photos
Peterborough - Kinmount cemeteries, Galway Rd. Cemetery at Kinmount
Victoria Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Eldon Twp. - Eldon Cemetery (on Lorneville Sideroad outside of Woodville)
Victoria Tina - idigupfamilytoo@hotmail.com

Cemetery Transcriptions:
Emily Township:
Christ Church, Salem, Emily Presbyterian, St James Anglican Church yard,  St Luke’s R. C.
Bexley Township: Coboconk, St Mary’s Road, St Thomas
Eldon Township: St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Kirkfield R.C., Smith
Laxton Township: Bailey
Carden Township: Mud Lake, Dalrymple United
Ops Township: Abandon Cemetery, Methodist Burial Ground, Mount Horeb
Fenelon Township: Zion, Fenelon Falls Pioneer, Glenarm Presbyterian
Somerville Township: St John’s Cemetery, St Patick’s R.C., Burnt River
Dalton Township: Sadowa, Kett’s
Verulam Township: St Peter’s Anglican
Mariposa Township: Salem (Mariposa United), Friends, Ebeneezer Bible Christian, Zion, South Valenta, Linden Valley Bible Christian, Salem South

Waterloo Pat - jones@encode.com Transcriptions
Waterloo Twp. - Old Preston (14-Aug-1859 -- 04-Jul-1901)
Waterloo Jean Harnick - jean.harnick@sympatico.ca Index Only
Waterloo Twp. - New Hope
Waterloo Lisa Boos - d.l.boos@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Wellesley Twp. - Hawkesville Cemetery
Waterloo Bonnie - bonnie015@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Wilmot Twp. - Riverside
Waterloo Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Wellesley Twp. - First St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, St. John's Lutheran Cemetery at Bamberg, St. Mark's Lutheran Cemetery, St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery at Erbsville
Wilmot Twp.
- Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (South Side of Erb's Road, Lot 19 at Regional Rd. #5, Philipsburg), Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (South Erb's Road, Lot 4, E of St. Agatha)
Woolwich Twp. - St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery at Heidelberg
Welland Sandy Stokes - sandystokes@cogeco.ca Lookups (can only do as time permits, requesters asked to be patient)
Any cemeteries that the library has transcripts for
Port Colborne & Pelham - Doan's Ridge in Port Colborne and North Pelham
Welland See Website See website for Niagara Falls Cemeteries Database
Wellington Kathryn Morano - morano.kjf@verizon.net Burial Records
Guelph - St. Joseph's
Wellington Janet Jones - janet-jones@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Minto Twp. - Darroch Family Plot (just history no names), Drew Anglican, Salem Cemetery (South), Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, St. Thomas RC
Wellington Blanche Moser - bimoser@sympatico.ca Transcriptions
Minto Twp. - St. Agatha RC Cemetery
Wellington Jean Harnick - jean.harnick@sympatico.ca Index Only
Puslinch Twp. - Crieff, Crown, Killean
Wellington Vi - vi_bain@hotmail.com Lookups
Puslinch Twp. - all cemeteries
Wellington Ryan - Family.foliage@gmail.com Lookups
Mount Forest Cemetery
Wentworth Roger Whitehead - rogerwhitehead@rogers.com Lookups - please provide as much information as possible re who you are looking for.
Ancaster Twp. - Copetown (1989)
Saltfleet Twp. - Stoney Creek Municipal (1990)
Wentworth Dale McDonald - sithlord@execulink.com Transcriptions
Ancaster Twp. - Bethel, Bethesda, Biggar, Dyment, Jerseyville, Lynden, Mount Zion, Stenabaugh, Zion Hill
Beverly Twp. - Sheffield
Wentworth Ruth Burkholder - ruth.burk@sympatico.ca Transcripts Only
Barton Twp. - Burkholder United Church Cemetery (1987)
Wentworth Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Beverly Twp. - Anderson, Camp/Skinner, Nisbet/Vansickle, Rous/Howard, Shaver / Hitchcock, Shaver/White
Wentworth JoAnne - jo-dy@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only (specify county, township and cemetery)
Binbrook - Baptist Church, Binbrook United Church
Glanbrook Twp. - Chapel Hill Cemetery (Part 1-3)
Hamilton - Bartonville, Burkholder, Chapel Hill, Eastlawn  (Sections 14-19 &  22 & 24 ONLY), Hamilton (Section T - 1 & 2; S1 & S2 - parts 1-4; Section X ONLY), Mount Hamilton Section 2 - part 1; Section 3; Section 15C; Section 16/16A ONLY), White Chapel Memorial Gardens (Garden of Atonement) Cem 171 (*doesn't have all sections of these cemeteries)

Stoney Creek - Municipal Cemetery
Wentworth Frankie McGraw-Nicol - fmcgrawnicol@gmail.com
(Please put "Cemetery Lookup Request" in the subject line)
Brock Road Cemetery; Christ Church Anglican Cemetery; East Flamborough Twp - School Sisters of Notre Dame Cemetery; Glenwood Cemetery; Grove Cemetery; Hamilton Cemetery – York Blvd, Hamilton; Holy Sepulchre Roman Catholic Cemetery; Millgrove Cemetery; Mt Carmel Roman Catholic Cemetery; St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Cemetery; St Thomas Roman Catholic Cemetery; Strabane Cemetery; West Flamborough Municipal Cemetery; West Flamborough Presbyterian Cemetery
Wentworth Bonnie - bonnie015@sympatico.ca Transcriptions
Glanford Twp. - Case United Church Cemetery, St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery
Hannon Twp. - St. George's Anglican
Wentworth Kevin Lee - kevinlee@sympatico.ca Transcriptions Only
Saltfleet Twp. - Fifty Cemetery
Wentworth Steph - stephraogk@gmail.com Transcriptions and digital photos
Hamilton - Woodland Cemetery
- Waterdown Union Cemetery
Wentworth Pat - jones@encode.com Lookups
Hamilton - Eastlawn Cemetery (SECTION 17 ONLY)
West Flamborough Twp. - Strabane United Church  (first recorded burial was in 1845)
Wentworth Pamela Leather - mappyleather@yahoo.ca Transcriptions Only
Hamilton - York Cemetery
Wentworth Loraine Ertelt - lpertelt@aol.com Lookups
Hamilton - Cline Family Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery ~ Only have access to "Church of the Ascension - Sections A, B, C, D", Hess Family Burial Grounds, Ryckman Family, Young Family Plot
York Sylvia  - srmills@shaw.ca Lookups (has a book with only about 50 names)
Toronto - Mount Pleasant
York Ethel B. Keith - currently unavailable for lookups Transcriptions
Toronto - St. Michael
's Cemetery
York Katie - heads.hunt@gmail.com Digital photos sent by email; no access to transcripts (NOT ENTIRE CEMETERIES)
Toronto - Mount Pleasant, Park Lawn and Prospect
Vaughan - Zion Evangelical Lutheran
York Mary Wilkinson - delamary@rogers.com Transcriptions
Toronto - St. Michael's Cathedral
York Jacqueline McCrae - JMehetable@aol.com Transcriptions Only
King Twp. - Kettleby
York Margaret - hornsby@shaw.ca Lookups
Markham - Dickson's Hill, Peach's Corner, Wideman Mennonite
Vaughan - Baker-Cober, Maple, Wesleyan Methodist at Purpleville
Whitchurch-Stouffville - Christian Ch. (Churchill), Heise Hill - Brethren In Christ Ch., Lemonville Church
York Jack Coursey - j-coursey@sympatico.ca Lookups
Markham - All cemeteries in Markham
York Leigh - jeanleblanc@sympatico.ca Lookups
Scarborough - St. Andrews Presb. Church, Secor Memorial
York Donna - d.dilello@rogers.com Lookups
Scarborough - Armadale Free Methodist
York Dawn - smyttie_b1875@primus.ca

Digital photos by email only
Scarborough - Rest Haven Memorial Gardens

York Marion Nash - msn@telusplanet.net Lookups
Vaughan - Baker-Cober, Carrville, Maple, Reupard's Settlement (Sherwood), Richmond Hill Presb., Thornhill Community, Zion Evangelical Lutheran (Sherwood)
York Ruth Burkholder - ruth.burk@sympatico.ca Transcripts Only
East Gwillimbury - Franklin Pioneer Cemetery (1989), Holt Free Methodist Cemetery (1990)
East York - Don Mills United Church Cemetery (1991), Taylor Family Cemetery (1991)
Etobicoke -
Islington - St. George's Church on the Hill Cemetery (1986), Weston - St. Philip's Churchyard Cemetery (1995), Islington Burying Ground (1989), Rexdale - Willow Grove cemetery (1990)
King Twp. - King City - All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery (1992)
Markham - Dickson
's Hill Cemetery, Locust Hill Church Cemetery, Melville Church Cemetery, Wideman Mennonite Cemetery
Toronto - Victoria Memorial Park Cemetery
Vaughan Twp. - Carrville United Church Cemetery (1975), Woodbridge - Christ Church Anglican (1975 and 1994), Dalziel Pioneer Cemetery (1989), Edgeley Mennonite (1974), Fisherville United (1975, 1990),  Hillcrest United (1974 and 1994), Hope Primitive Methodist (1974 and 1990), Kleinburg Wesleyan Methodist Cairn, Kleinburg -  McMichael Canadian Art Collection cemetery (1990), Knox Presbyterian (1973), Maple - St. Andrews Presbyterian (1973 and 1992), Maple Cemetery (1995), McNaughton Cemetery (1988), Nashville Cemetery (1974), Pinegrove Congregational Cairn (1969), Purpleville Wesleyan Methodist Cairn (1973 and 1988), Purpleville Presbyterian Free Church cairn, 1988- Richmond Hill Presbyterian, [older stones only], 1974/5- Richmond Hill Presbyterian, 1998- Ruperts, 1970 and 1990- St. Paul's Presbyterian Cairn and cemetery (1973, 1974), St. Stephens (1973), Thornhill - Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery (1974), Zion Evangelical Lutheran (1974)
Whitchurch-Stouffville - Bloomington Christian Church Cemetery, Churchill Christian Church Cemetery, Hartman Cemetery, Heise Hill Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery, Lemonville Church Cemetery, Pine Orchard Friends' Cemetery, Petchville Cemetery, Newmarket, Pioneer Burying Ground, Stouffville Cemetery, Wesley Corners
York Twp. - Agincourt - Knox Cemetery (1989), Elia Church Cemetery (1990), Forest Lawn Mausoleum (1988), Humber Summit - Pine Ridge Cemetery (1992), L'Amoreaux, Zion Primitive Methodist cemetery (1990), Milne Cemetery (1990), West Hill - Melville Church Cemetery (1988), Willowdale, Cummer Burial Grounds (1990), York Mills - St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery (1995)
York Pauline Franzen - paulinefranzen@xplornet.ca Lookups
Whitchurch-Stouffville - Christian Church at Churchill
Toronto - Toronto Necropolis on Winchester Street,  St. John’s Norway at Kingston Road and Woodbine
York Donna - donna.borden@hotmail.com Lookups
King Twp. - Emmanuel Baptist Church Cemetery (1989) and Kettleby Cemetery (1989)
York Jill - jillsparling@sympatico.ca Photos
I would be willing to take pictures of specific graves and email the pictures for Buttonville Cemetery, Victoria Square, Markham  (2 cemeteries) Locust Hill and Hagerman East and West
York http://www.parklawnlp.ca We have 5 cemeteries in Toronto and one in Woodbridge. Our site has plenty of pictures feel free to use them. There are contact names and e-mail addresses for each cemetery. We would be more that happy to help the general public locate individuals.
  Brian Little - lowland_celt@hotmail.com Lookups for:
York Region, Newmarket & Queensville cemeteries

If you are willing to volunteer, please send an email with information in the above format.
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