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Updated 01 December 2014

This website will be used as a resource and communication tool for the students of Mr. Sidlar's class and their parents. Please check back frequently for the latest updates.

Mr. S and Captain Mickey Mouse

!!! Ornament Card-Box !!!

We are beginning our unit on 3D-Geometry and Measurement in math. On Hallowe'en Day, our students had the opportunity to paint a clay ornament with help from our friends at Pottery-to-go, Guelph. In math we will be using greeting cards to make presentation boxes for our ornaments. If you haven't already done so, please make sure that your child has a large-ish greeting card to use to make this project. The greeting cards may be new or used. I have also posted the instructions for making the card box below. We will be spending a significant portion of time in class working on this project, so students should not need to work on it at home. I hope you enjoy the results of your child's creative efforts.

!!! Habitat Unit Research Project !!!

We have begun our research project for our Habitats and Communities unit in Science. Students will be learning about habitats and communities in general while they do specific research on a specific animal. I have attached the project requirements and graphic organizer below.

!!! An Exciting Communications Opportunity !!!

During a recent staff meeting we were introduced to an exciting new communications tool. Remind is an online application that allows me to send out quick text messages or emails to people who wish to subscribe to the service. By using it, I would be able to quickly and efficiently send out messages such as "Remember that our class is going skating tomorrow" or "The field trip tomorrow is leaving at 8:30am". It would not replace my website as a communication tool, but would be a faster way for me to let you know important information. Please note that Remind is for communication out only. You will not be able to respond to any of the messages that you recieve. Also, please note that this service is to be used by parents only. Students will not be allowed to subscribe on their personal devices.

I would encourage you to sign up for this service if you are a fan of text messages or emails on your mobile device. Please be advised that standard text messaging rates will apply according to your mobile device contract. To sign up for my Remind please view the document below and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Remind Text and Email Instructions

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