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Updated 17 October 2016

!!!WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!!! This website will be used as a resource and communication tool for the students of Mr. Sidlar's class and their parents. Please check back frequently for the latest updates. This year, I will make an improved attempt to update this website more regularly. Please be patient, and email me if you need more information.

Mr. S on Canada Day in Prince Edward Island

!!! Picture Day Tomorrow !!!

Please be aware that picture day is tomorrow, 18 October 2016. Please make sure that everyone looks their best for our individual and group photos.

!!! Pottery to Go !!!

I have arranged for the class to participate in an ornament painting pottery experience that will be part of our visual art and math program in November and December. Our pottery painting day will be on 08 November 2016. Students will have their choice of painting a variety of clay ornaments that can be used for a Christmas tree, or for a variety of other uses if you do not celebrate Christmas. Following our painting day, we will be using our math time to create a presentation box for the ornament as part of our math curriculum. In order to make sure that everyone participates, Mr. Sidlar is paying for half of the cost of each student's ornament. You will only need to pay $3 for the experience. Please fill out the order form below, and return it to Mr. Sidlar with your payment. Thanks.

Pottery To Go Ornament Order Form

!!! Food Journal Project !!!

Today students started their "food journal" project. They will be keeping track of everything that they eat and drink for the next 7 days. The purpose of this project is to combine math (measurement and data management) with healthy living (nutrition) to determine whether students are getting the right kinds of food in the right quantities to support a healthy body. We will be using Canada's Food Guide's suggested servings to determine whether our actual food consumption is too much, too little or just right for each food group. We will also be multiple-bar graphs to show our food intake over the 7 days. Finally, we will be looking at the ways that a celebration (like Thanksgiving) can affect the amount and type of foods that we choose to eat.

Please assist your child in keeping track of their food intake. New this year, students can use a digital device to take pictures of each meal, so that they can more accurately keep track of their intake. Students will still have to write their meals down, but the pictures may help with remembering what they ate for each meal. Below you will find a link to a copy of our food journal organizer. Your child received a large (ledger size) copy, but you may use this copy if the original has been misplaced. I hope this unit leads to some great conversations, and some amazing learning.

Food Journal Organizer

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