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Case Studies:


Over the years we have saved many customers a great deal of time and money by solving problems for them when they have experienced breakdowns or equipment failure and were unable to receive experienced or immediate service anywhere else. For example, we had a customer who had a failure with the ram of a German CNC turret punch in the early stage of a large production run. The replacement part from the manufacturer was going to cost them $18,000 and they would have to wait five weeks for delivery. The customer called us in a panic and asked if there was anything we could do. We attended at their plant and assessed the problem, and by doing some innovative thinking and skilled machining we were able to restore the parts and have him up and running within six hours, at a major savings both in time and money. Needless to say, the customer was overjoyed and has remained one of our loyal customers to this day.


In another example, one of our customers had an accident with a die we built for them approximately ten years previous. They had extensively smashed an expensive die steel and thought that the die was irreparable. Again we were called in to see if there was anything we could do. Even though the damaged area was a difficult shape and in a very critical position, through skilled welding and EDM work we were able to repair the smashed die steel rather than replace it, saving the customer a great deal of time and money. This is another satisfied customer who has been with us for many years.


We have performed similar services many times over the years for customers in a variety of industries, such as compression molding, injection molding, stamping, metal fabricating, food and brewery industries.


We have performed many difficult procedures over the years. One that stands out is when a customer of ours in the concrete industry who wanted to manufacture fibrillated polystyrene flock that would be used in the reinforcement of concrete asked us to develop a fibrillating shaft to fibrillate the materials to meet their specifications. They informed us that they had been trying to achieve their desired result for over six months, but were unsuccessful. After working closely with the customer to understand their requirements, we developed a component that was extremely successful and is being used to this day.


Another of our customers had purchased a production line for the manufacture of polyurethane film and had discovered after delivery that many components of the line were missing. They were unable to obtain any drawings or information to identify the missing parts. We were called in to see if there was anything we could do. We analyzed the entire production line and designed six electrically controlled take-up reels on stands that would allow the line to run smoothly. Due to our expert analytical skills we were able to provide him with a running production line, which would have otherwise been useless without these components.


We take great pride in having excellent working relationships with our customers as witnessed by their loyalty to us over the years. The above examples show that we are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers’ needs and we are rewarded by their continued relationship.  






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