Ontario, Canada

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Tool & Die

  • Fabrication (and design if required) of production toolage, including dies, moulds, jigs, fixtures and gauges, etc.
  • Repairs to production toolage, including tool steel welding, as required.
  • Fabrication (and design if required) of special purpose machines or machine parts.
  • Hard-surfacing and build up of worn parts and shafts.
  • E.D.M.work Plunge and Wire.

We specialize in rebuilding and/or modifying damaged or worn dies. We have extensive experience in progressive dies, transfer dies, draw dies and blanking dies. Call us for a solution to your problems.

We are experienced in the manufacture of special purpose machinery for a broad range of applications, including modifications to existing systems. We work closely with our customers to determine their requirements and develop equipment that is specifically suited for their purpose.



Manufacturing excellence since 1979