St. Agatha, a small country village in Wilmot Township, early became the centre of Catholic activity about which a fine parish grew-up very gradually.  It lies towards the northeast corner of the Township, two miles north of Petersburg, now a railway station on the main line of the old Grand Trunk Railroad, about 100 miles east of Sarnia Tunnel and about 67 miles west of Toronto.  It

was for many years known as "Wilmot," so called from the Township.  At the present time the village has about 20 houses, two taverns, a store, a blacksmith and wagon shop, a fine church of white brick, a parsonage of the same material, school house now not used as such an orphanage partly built of stone and partly of brick, in which the Separate School is located, and a Public School

     The village is on a cross road.  The church occupies the northeast corner, and owns the southeast corner also.  The old stone school occupies a small plot on the southwest corner and right back of it is the parish cemetery.  The other corner has a large brick building that was for many years a hotel, but now is a private residence.  The village is on an elevation dominating the whole country around it.

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