Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
Mildmay Ontario



Ceiling Cemetery
Priests School  Sisters
Stations of the Cross
Statues Durrer Altars
Windows Matthew Claassen Collection


1888 to 1911 - the first church
1912 to 1930
- the "new" church
1930 to 1961 - assorted - all updated in 1961 - note the ceiling paintings, wall decorations, and communion rail are still in place
1961 to 1968
- Fire in Sacristy, and Smoke damage in the Church
1970-2003 - assorted

10 - Thanksgiving
12 - Christmas
01 - the restoration of the Tabernacle to its place of honour
02 - the 150th Anniverary of the Diocese 1856 - 2006
04 - Easter
04 - annual spring cleaning
07 - Jack and Mary Beggs 50th anniversary
07 - building inspection by structural engineer
07 - mildmay tornado passes over the church, touches down near Dietrich farm
10 - reliquery rediscovery and restoraion with found relics - we have very many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class relics
12 - Christmas
2006 - 2008
Restoration of Altar Statues
- (The artist was inspired by seeing the beauty of our quarter cut oak woodwork to create the new altar chairs for the Cathedral of Monte Carlo)
05 - servers awards
06 - the restored statues in situ

- all church wiring updated, replaced, and the installation of new light fixtures, emergency lighting and alarms

- meeting room floor replaced after flooding and installation of sump pump (courtesy of the CWL)

- two damaged entrance holy water fonts repaired and painted to match the two made of marble (courtesy of the CWL)

- protective covering (lexan) placed over the stained glass windows after sealing leaks, the sagging Coronation window removed, repaired, and reinstalled (in spring of 2010) (courtesy of the CWL)

- a new 50 year steel roof was installed by Murray Simpson after removing the loose concrete shingles reinforced with asbestos (known) and the underlying asbestos (a surprise) under the original cedar shakes

- the crumbling masonry sills were to be replaced until we discovered that the 
brick faces on 3 sides of the bell tower were separating (scary moments) from the underlying brick (caused by 97 years of storms, or the  tornado 2 years ago, or repointing with concrete 25 years ago, or a combination thereof).  This nesessitated each brick to be removed, repaired, replaced, and 10 inch "pins" drilled into the tower to support the bricks weight, This took Joe Hoffarth and his apprentice 3 months working dawn till dusk 6 days a week.  The sill replacement has been put off until next spring

- this is all due to the generosity of the bequest from Clarence Ruetz and the generosity of many many parishioners !!!
- a year of rest and enjoyment of the work done - complicated by the need to replace those crumbling sills    :(
- IF and only IF we win the lottery we will consider restoring the ceilng paintings and painting the interior to its former glory
- winning the lottery could also happen through the small and larger donations of many people over this time
- we will celebrate the centennial of our church building (the cornerstone was laid in July of 1912)